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A comprehensive selection of detection and security tools, available to customize to your individual school and university’s needs. Today is the day to protect our students!

School Security Portfolio

ICAS assists schools to create a healthy and safe environment by understanding the challenges, implementing policies, and assuring a successful and customized solution through entry control systems, video systems, emergency classroom notification systems, and more. Our Empire Smart School and Security Portfolio is comprised of various cutting-edge products that can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

Access Control & Video Surveillance

Never Miss a Beat

Digital Signage

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Vape Detection

Create a Smoke-Free & Safe Environment

PA System

Announce and Notify Clearly

Access Control & Video Surveillance

The Network Camera offers excellent image quality in HDTV 1080p. This streamlined, IK10-rated camera features Forensic WDR and OptimizedIR illumination to deliver sharp video even in challenging light or complete darkness. It includes Lightfinder 2.0 for video with more life-like colors and sharp video of moving objects. Also, the varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus capabilities eliminates the need for hands-on fine-tuning. It also supports electronic access control capabilities to allow authorized personnel and visitors to enter school facilities. 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Displays have numerous benefits for organizations. Staff can receive helpful and important messages, and share and display information. ICAS will create customized digital signage content based on your school’s needs. Whether in landscape or portrait orientation, the displays can be installed face up, face down, or tilting forward or backward at an angle of up to 90 degrees.

Vape Detection

The Smart Vape Detector is a real-time vaping detection solution. When the sensor detects chemicals from vaping, the device sends an immediate, location-specific notification to the user-friendly dashboard or mobile devices of one or more designated officials. The smart alert system gives you control of areas that are difficult to monitor, such as bathrooms and locker rooms. The Vape Detector is a sensor, not a camera, resulting in no invasion of privacy.

Public Address System

Public Address and Information Systems deliver your messages promptly and audibly. The flexible amplified systems can share non-critical information, emergency classroom notifications, and automated reminders with specific school audiences or the institution as a whole on a live or scheduled basis. Through the use of analog and IP-based paging, these PA systems improve security and ensure seamless communication between staff and students.





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Each product can be purchased individually or as a bundle.