Detect and Protect Your Environment.

The Indoor Gunshot Detector AmberBox identifies gunshot location, movement of the shooter, and the total number of shots fired. This information is immediately sent to law enforcement and authorized personnel for further action.

ICAS - Indoor Gunshot Detector

The Gunshot Detector technology accurately pinpoints the type of weapon being used at the scene by detecting gunshot audio signatures.

The Gunshot Detector begins action immediately after deeming a sound as gunfire. It is programmed to initiate a safe and efficient escape from the dangerous situation.

Rather than blaring alarms throughout facilities, each installed detector works with one another to instantly alert authorized personnel and law enforcement. Information provided includes location of gunshot and shooter, and how many shots were fired.

A Solution for Indoor Active Shooter Incidents

Every Second Counts. Detect Gunshots Faster.

  • Immediate & Precise Gunshot Detection
  • Easy Installation & Set-Up
  • Automatic Notification
  • Real-Time Data
  • Integration with Building Security System

Silent Gunshot Detection

Automatic alerts are sent to police via our E911 certified telecommunications platform and simultaneous notification to building security representatives. Reduce response times by an average of 5 minutes to stop threats faster.

  • Monitor locations, track perpetrator movement, and respond immediately with pre-programmed security features anytime, anywhere
  • Notifications sent via SMS, call, and/or email

User-Friendly Response Platform

The Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter incidents and provides the ultimate tool to remain constantly informed and respond quickly.

  • Classify Event Severity: Determine the nature of an incident based on the number of gunshots fired and their sequence
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor detector locations in real-time on the AmberBox Response Platform via desktop or mobile


Location-specific alert notifications in 3.6 seconds sent via SMS or email to law enforcement and authorized personnel.


Easy to use response platform for staff to monitor device status, view alerts, track detector locations, and manage incidents in real-time.


The Gunshot Detector is vendor-agnostic, allowing you the flexibility to integrate with almost any security system currently installed.

Detect Gunshots + Inform Law Enforcement + Automate The Response

Help protect yourself and your environment with our Gunshot Detector.

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