Juno AI

Juno AI is the first mental health awareness AI platform.

Mental Health Awareness AI Platform

Mental health is incredibly important and a staggering number of young adults struggle daily. Juno AI is a privacy-aware advanced video analytics platform that provides schools and campus administrators with improved awareness of students’ behavior and emotional states to help them better assess student mental health needs, and at times prevent violent or dangerous behaviors. The platform integrates with a school’s existing surveillance system by monitoring all video streams in real-time. Juno AI transforms video from a retroactive investigative tool into a proactive response tool. 

Juno AI is designed to detect changes in the emotional state of individual students, detect and report unusual activity and crowd formations, and issue alerts to personnel for immediate action. It offers a suite of interactive management tools for customization, as well as the automated redaction of faces from videos that must be released or shared. The privacy of those being observed is maintained by anonymizing sensitive information such as facial recognition or racial profiling. Juno AI uses environmental artificial intelligence.

Juno AI

Juno AI’s unique cloud-based technology allows schools to add AI to their existing IP-based cameras without additional hardware, enabling new analytics capabilities on these already deployed cameras. It can rapidly extend your intelligent analytics across any video security solution and support the accelerating trend of schools using cloud technologies to enhance safety and security.

Mental Health Awareness Platform Benefits

  • Student Mental Health Predictor
  • Identify Troubling Situations
  • Video Redaction on Demand
  • Cost Effective & Grants Available

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Frequently Asked Questions about Juno AI and how the platform can benefit schools.

How does the Juno AI platform work?

Juno AI automatically detects incidents through environmental artificial intelligence, and sends an SMS or email with location details.

How does the platform protect privacy?

The Juno AI platform protects the privacy of those observed by redacting video and facial recognition.

What are additional benefits of Juno AI?

In addition to mental health benefits, the platform is cloud-based, cost-effective, and easily integrated into existing surveillance systems.

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