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Enhanced Vaping and Sound Detection System
Surface Mount
Standard 1-yr Warranty (excludes tampering)

Vapor Detection Device | Main Unit Model number FS275-E301 Enhanced Vaping and Sound Detection System | 1-year warranty (excludes Tampering) | Frequently Asked Questions

Extra fact:

  • The Flysense vape detector has internal sensor technology to detect if vaping is occurring in a specific location. When detection occurs, a real-time silent message (email and/or text) is sent to one or more subscribers – i.e., a superintendent, principal, security, or designated on-duty official.
  • Installed and frequently used in school bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • The sensor can also continuously measure current sound levels and detects elevated sound, or noise anomalies, that suggest that something is amiss – such as bullying, fighting, or screaming – that should be investigated.
  • Sensor requires a Cat 5 or above Cat 6 cable to connect to your network and a PoE+ cable connection (Power Over Ethernet)
  • The sensor accommodates a 12Ft X 12Ft area with an 8Ft ceiling.
  • The Flysense dashboard allows for real-time sensor data reporting features, analytics, and trend data reports.
  • Installation of detectors and cable configuration can be provided by Icas Corp.
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Our multi-sensor devices are capable of detecting nicotine chemical vape, THC chemical vape cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke as well as noise disturbances that may suggest violence such as bullying. When the FlySense™ sensor detects vaping signatures or decibel level anomalies caused by bullying, a zero-delay, a location-specific alert notification is sent by SMS and or email to designated school officials


  • Easy installation and set-up (requires two screws and one RJ45 connection)
  • Real-time vape, smoke, and elevated sound detection for areas including bathrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces.
  • Successfully identify, analyze, manage incidents on school grounds with customizable, real-time SMS and email alert notifications.
  • Increased situational awareness and deterrence of harmful and dangerous behavior.
  • Risk mitigation, reduction in the staffing burden for designated coverage areas, and increased efficiency through coordination of resources.
  • Support state laws and compliances.
  • Zero invasion of student privacy.


  • Incident Detection
    Smart sensor array detects vaping signatures and decibel level anomalies associated with bullying or fighting in real-time, 24/7.
  • Alert Notifications
    Zero-delay, location-specific alert notifications on vape and sound incidents sent by SMS or email to designated school officials.
  • Solution Management
    Easy to use administrator web portal for school teams to manage devices, customize subscriber schedules, and view alerts.
  • Performance Optimization
    30-day, categorized alert history allows devices to learn environments, reduce false positives, and optimize performance.
  • Insights & Analytics
    Real-time sensor data and analytical reports help to determine which locations and time of day experience the most activity.


Additional Fees;

Fly Sense Annual Software Subscription Fee – Maintains network access and communications, support alerts, and portal dashboard; after year one  $160.00 per unit per year after 1st year, starting with device activation date.

Fly Sense Account Activation & Set-Up Fee – One-time,  Non-Refundable Fee per School District  $495.00


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