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Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) provide a convenient way to access information anywhere in your building. It uses wireless data connections between different nodes to supply an internet connection utilizing radio waves to allow you to connect your devices to the internet. These wireless networking and WiFi services permit users to move around a considerable distance, especially if connected to a wider network, while maintaining a strong connection.

CCTV & Access Control

Closed Caption Television (CCTV) is a video security system that monitors and records activity at all times of day. Access Control systems restrict public access to desired buildings and ensure only permitted individuals are entering. CCTV systems support electronic access control capabilities to allow authorized personnel and visitors to enter school facilities. The systems include network cameras, ID readers, fingerprint scanners, and facial recognition.

PA System & Digital Signage

Public Address Systems and Digital Signage Displays deliver your messages promptly, clearly, and audibly. The flexible amplified systems can share non-critical information, emergency classroom notifications, and automated reminders with specific school audiences or the institution as a whole on a live or scheduled basis. These systems can work seamlessly together or individually to ensure effective communication between staff and students.

Vape Detector

The Smart Vape Detector is a real-time vaping detection solution. When the sensor detects chemicals from vaping, the device sends an immediate, location-specific notification to the user-friendly dashboard or mobile devices of one or more designated officials. The smart alert system gives you control of areas that are difficult to monitor, such as bathrooms and locker rooms. The Vape Detector is a sensor, not a camera, resulting in no invasion of privacy.

Structured Cabling

Designing and implementing customized and secure infrastructures in data, voice, video (AV), security, and wireless from concept to delivery. Structured Cabling provides institutions and organizations with telecommunications power, internet connection, or system security through the process of installing cables in a uniform manner. Offerings include fiber optic, high and low voltage wiring, wiring repair, re-routing of current cables, or a completely new system.





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