Vape Detector for Schools

Make your school a safer space. The Fourth Generation AI Device detects chemicals from vape and alerts personnel.
The Smart Vape Detector is a multi-sensor device capable of detecting the chemical compound
emitted from both nicotine and THC substances.

Real-Time Vape Detector

Lightning-fast real-time vaping and sound anomaly detection designed to protect your school, improve the social environment, and encourage healthy behaviors in your students.

The vape detector is designed for areas of your school that cannot utilize cameras to deter vaping or smoking, such as bathrooms or locker rooms.

This real-time vape detection and sound anomaly notification system provides instant feedback and sends alerts to designated school officials via our revolutionary dashboard system that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device.

Sensitive sensors are able to quickly identify abnormalities in the chemical composition of a room and alert to any loud noises. Vape Detector: fast, easy, and reliable detection of unhealthy and dangerous behavior in the locations where your school needs them most.

Alert Notification

Zero-delay, location-specific alert notifications on vape and sound incidents sent to designated officials.

Performance Optimization

30-day, categorized alert history allows devices to learn environments, reduce false positives, and optimize performance.

Solution Management

Easy to use administrator web portal for school teams to manage devices, customize subscriber schedules, and view alerts.

A Solution for School Vaping Crises

Our goal is to help facilitate community and environmental change.

Easy and Fast Installation and Set-Up

Zero Invasion of Student Privacy

Successfully Identify and Manage Incidents

Identify Air Quality & Sound Anomalies

Grant Funding Opportunities Available

Supports State Laws & Compliances

Organizations Using the Vape Detector

Countries Using the Vape Detector

Silent Vaping Detection

When vaping is detected via internal sensors, a real-time email/text message is sent to an authorized supervisor. Unlike smoke alarms, this is a silent alert.


FlySense® is monitoring 24/7 with zero delays of event notifications


Notification via SMS and/or email

User-Friendly Dashboard

Accessible on a computer or with our mobile app, the Dashboard collects real-time data and gives you insights on which locations and times of day experience the most activity so you can react accordingly.

The vape detector is designed for areas of your school that cannot utilize cameras to deter vaping or smoking, such as bathrooms or locker rooms.


Configuration: In a few easy steps, you can customize each sensor to its specific location / environment


Metrics: See real-time sensor data and analytics

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