Vape Detector – FS286

Fast, easy, and reliable detection of unhealthy behavior in the locations where your school or public space needs them most.

Alert Notification

Zero-delay, location-specific alert notifications on vape and sound incidents sent by SMS or email to designated school officials.

Solution Management

Easy to use administrator web portal for school teams to manage devices, customize subscriber schedules, and view alerts.

Performance Optimization

30-day, categorized alert history allows devices to learn environments, reduce false positives, and optimize performance.

World’s First Vape Detector

Vape detectors are a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for detecting vaping and bullying – particularly in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Benefits of Vaping Detection System

  • Easy Installation and Set-Up
  • Successfully Identify and Manage Incidents
  • Deterrence of Harmful Behavior
  • Supports State Laws and Compliances
  • Zero Invasion of Student Privacy
  • Sound Anomaly Detection
  • Identify Air Quality
  • Grant Funding Opportunities Available

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Real-Time Vape & Air Quality Detection

Helping Facilitate Community & Environmental Change

Vape Detector: a real-time vaping and elevated sound incident detection solution and smart alert system that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera.

When a sensor detects chemicals from vaping, it sends an immediate, location-specific notification to the computers or mobile devices of one or more designated school officials.

A Solution for Vaping Crisis

Improve Security in Your School

The key to improving life, safety, and security in schools is through automated situational awareness. Therefore, principals and teachers mst receive real-time information about a possible threat/situation so they can initiate the appropriate response plan.

Make Your School a Safer Space

At ICAS, We Want to Help Protect Our Youth as Much as You Do

ICAS provides professional installation and cable configuration of vape detectors. Our Smart Vape Detector is a multi-sensor device capable of detecting a variety of harmful substances and noise disturbances so unsafe situations are dealt with quickly by a supervising adult.

This sensor can detect nicotine chemical vapor, THC chemical vapor, cigarette smoke, and marijuana smoke. Additionally, it recognizes noise level abnormalities that may suggest violence.

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Organizations Using the Vape Detector

Countries Using the Vape Detector


Frequently Asked Questions containing a comprehensive overview of the vape detector and its specifications.

What is the typical coverage area for vaping?

In general, each FS286 will cover a 10’ x 10’ area.

How many units are required per typical bathroom?

Our starter recommendation is two (2) FS286 devices per bathroom for vape detection.

What are the factors that will impact vaping detection?

Bathroom layout, room ventilation, airflow, and location of the device are key factors. Detection is going to be degraded when vaping is done close to open windows or active ventilation such as exhaust fans.

What type of data cables should be used?

The same data cables are typically used for network hub or switch connectivity. That is standard CAT5 (Category 5) or CAT6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable.

Does the vape detector incorporate a camera or microphone?

No, it does not.

How can I view incidents as they occur?

Accessible on a computer or with our mobile app, the user-friendly dashboard collects real-time data and gives you insights on which locations and times of day experience the most activity so you can react accordingly.

Are there integration limitations?

The vape detector integrates seamlessly with Camera Systems (VMS) and Access Controls.