Our ICAS Promise

The ICAS Warranty provides guarantees both for the services we render and the products we furnish. It includes the following:

  • ICAS Workmanship Quality Warranty: This product extends to all aspects of the quality of work performed from ICAS personnel for the lifetime of the system. All ICAS work will be of the highest quality and professional standard.
  • ICAS Product Warranty: This promise covers all products furnished and installed by ICAS personnel as part of a complete network infrastructure solution. These products shall be of the highest quality, which includes all key electrical and optical parameters, as specified by relevant international and domestic standards, including:
    • A Numbered Registration Certificate;
    • Warranty Terms and Conditions for all relevant solutions; and
    • A Customer Feedback Survey.
  • Vendor Specific Warranty: ICAS can make the same promise to you that our vendor makes to us. With respect to components and cabling channel, we can offer you comprehensive coverage and assurance for a wide range of applications, i.e., voice, data and video.
  • ICAS Cable Warranty: ICAS will often make the same promise on cables installed by ICAS as the manufacturer provides us.
  • Product Warranty and Application Assurance: All eligible installations will be covered upon completion and approval for use by an ICAS representative and a representative of the applicable vendor/manufacturer.
  • Performance Guarantee/Extended Vendor Warranty: As determined by the applicable vendor, ICAS can arrange to have the ICAS Warranty transferred to a new site owner, if required by you or by the end user. In these instances, there will need to be a site inspection performed to ensure the site is still in compliance with design guidelines and installation procedures and that intervening additions/changes have not altered the functionality and requirements of the system under warranty.
  • Limited Remedy: ICAS Corporation shall bear all costs associated with correcting defective work for a period of one year following the date of acceptance of the project.
  • Disclaimer: If ICAS finds that the installed products under warranty were tampered with or modified by third parties not affiliated with or working for ICAS, the warranty will be considered void. Remedial work and necessary products will be billed at normal ICAS rates.

*This warranty is not transferable and does not cover water or flood damage caused by you or third parties.


1-year limited hardware warranty from date of purchase. The warranty covers the item for defective materials or workmanship (tampering is excluded).