Security Systems

Further increasing the safety and security of any commercial space or school, providing peace of mind and necessary reassurance.

Access Control & CCTV Installation

Reliable security and closed caption television (CCTV), access control systems, and ID readers expertly designed and installed both locally and nationally. The ICAS team has been providing a wide variety of technological visual security systems for over 40 years. Delivering a broad range of cameras, data encryption, integration, and a variety of systems options customized to your organization’s specific security needs, ICAS provides the highest quality commercial grade video security systems and CCTV services that keep your business safe while delivering you peace of mind.

The systems are designed to provide maximum flexibility and reliable mobile control of your organization from anywhere in the world. From the design and implementation of your customized security system to ongoing support and maintenance from the ICAS team, we will work with your organization to create meaningful and innovative solutions to a variety of problems facing your business. Servicing all industries, both private and public sector, ICAS will work with you to deliver the most dependable and secure system designed to meet your organizations specific regulations and requirements.

Security Systems

ICAS has provided a broad spectrum of technological services for over 40 years. With years of experience in surveillance installation, you can rest assured that your company is in ICAS’ expert hands.

First-Rate Services

  • Integration Services
  • Camera Options
  • Data Encryption
  • System Options
  • Commercial Grade
  • Enhanced Latest Products
  • Design and Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Various Types of Solutions
  • Servicing All Industries
  • Public and Private Sector

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Security Cameras

Creating a Safer Environment for All

Personnel can access and view cameras on any screen in real-time, as well as view recorded footage from past time. CCTVs provide live documentation of both normal and abnormal activity, thus making it easier to provide a timestamp of an offense if further action is necessary.

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • 24/7 Surveillance of Areas
  • Seamless Access to Footage on Devices

Access Control Systems

Monitoring Building Visitors for Increased Protection

This solution grants peace of mind to any business or facility owner since entry access to the building is restricted. Types of Access Control Systems include fingerprint, key cards, and facial recognition, and these can be authorized to any desired individual. Upon entry, visitors will be prompted with supplying registration information to be scanned into the organization’s system in order to keep track of entrants and ensure safety for all.


  • Instant Access to Select Individuals
  • ID Readers & Scanners
  • Logged Entry Data
  • Label & Identify Visitors
  • Log and Access Data
  • Effortlessly Enter Registration Information into System


Frequently Asked Questions about access control, CCTV, and the assistance these systems provide to businesses and organizations.

What is access control?

An access control system essentially allows access to various locations on your property to select individuals. They can be in the form of ID readers or scanners, fingerprint scanners, and more.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, and it is a video security system that monitors and records activity at all times of day.

How can security cameras help businesses?

CCTV provides an extra layer of protection for your building, especially when employees or patrons are not present. The cameras also provide real-time documentation of abnormal activity, thus making it easier to provide a timestamp of an offense if further action is necessary.

Are ID readers beneficial?

ID readers and scanners add an additional layer of protection to your office or building when unknown visitors enter. The devices document who exactly is in the building at any given time, increasing safety and security.

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