Communication Systems

Precisely and efficiently interact with employees, customers, or the public, and gain the confidence to run your organization fluently.

Public Communication & Information Services

When your message needs to be heard, you should trust the method of transmission to ensure delivery is successful. Remove miscommunication from your organization by implementing communication systems that inform your audience with clear, coherent, and timely announcements and news, or manage your employees’ working hours, anytime and anywhere.

Whether through PA systems, digital signage, or time clock systems, notify and communicate with large or small groups of people with ICAS’ trusted communication systems. Not only do we bring the devices to you, but ICAS will provide you and your business with the essential communication tools necessary to strive in a dynamic business environment.

Communication Systems

The way we meet and share messages have transformed. Our experts provide the skills and knowledge you need from planning to installation technology.

First-Rate Services

  • Public Address Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Time Clock Systems

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PA Systems

Non-Critical Information, Automated Reminders, Emergency Notifications

Public Address and Information Systems announce messages clearly and quickly to a desired audience, such as in office buildings, work sites, or public spaces. The flexible systems allow for customized settings, automation, scheduling, and more.

  • Analog & IP Based Paging
  • Amplified Systems
  • Microphone & Speakers

Digital Signage

Customized Digital Signage Content for Your Business or School

When you have a message to share with the world – more businesses trust ICAS with its Sharp Professional LCD displays to make it happen. All of our professional and commercial displays are specially engineered for business applications and are offered in a wide range of sizes and varying capabilities.

  • Interactive & Digital Display
  • Video Wall Displays
  • Commercial Displays

Time Clock Systems

Automate Your Organization and Organize Your Records

Seamless and efficient time systems that keep precise records of employee attendance, timing, and more. Take the guesswork out of your employees’ locations and schedules, and manage PTO requests, scheduling, and timecards.

  • Clock In and Out
  • PTO Requests
  • View Employee Schedules
  • Send Messages
  • Job Transfers


Frequently Asked Questions about different types of communication systems and how they can service a variety of needs.

What is a public address system?

Public address (PA) systems communicate messages to the public through speakers, paging devices, or amplified systems.

What are the benefits of time systems?

Keep track of your staff and view time-off requests anytime, anywhere. ICAS offers installation of superior time clock systems to help automate your organization and organize your records.

Where can digital signage be used?

All digital signage devices can be installed in any business, office, shopping mall, stadium, cinema, storefront, restaurant, casino, supermarket, or pharmacy.

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