Say goodbye to lock and key and hello to your new access control system.

While they may have once been something seen in a James Bond movie; fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, and access control systems are actually now being used for businesses. Futuristic and pretty cool, right?! 

However, as well as providing that secret agent appeal an access control system can actually be extremely beneficial for your business.

Let us tell you how. 

Why you should consider investing in an access control system.

An access control system essentially allows access to various locations on your property to select individuals. For example, if you are a smaller business owner you may have a secure access point for an office, room where the money is stored, or perhaps stock.

Not only will this keep out certain employees or members of the public, but this also increases the overall security of the building both from the inside and the outside.

With only select individuals/employees having access to given rooms or locations across your property this allows you to know exactly what is going on and giving you assurance that your stock, money, or even office cannot be entered when you are not there.

Access control systems may also increase the efficiency of your business. For example, if you have a local delivery driver who delivers product multiple times a week you can provide this employee with an access card that works on select days to only enter areas you desire e.g. the stock/delivery room.

This frees up staff while self-locking after the delivery driver has left, thus increasing the security of your product and saves man-hours of other employees having to unlock and lock the areas by key where the delivery driver is going.

You can also give out access cards with limited hours within the day, or a set number of days for the card to work. For example, perhaps you have an intern working for you – their access can be set for their set hours i.e. 9-5, with Mon-Fri set. Anytime they gain access to a room this will be logged, essentially reducing theft and allowing you to monitor your entire business by the click of your fingers. 

The bottom line 

If you’re looking for an access control system in the New York area then we’ve got the answer for you. At ICAS, we have a team of highly professional and qualified individuals to support and implement your customized access control system. And don’t worry, it doesn’t end there. Once installed, we will be all hands on deck to answer any questions, innovative solutions, or problems your business may face once you are getting used to the new software and system.

Getting ahead of the game today and investing in an access control system is a great way to further modernize your business, increasing the efficiency and overall security of your product, stock, and staff.

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