Are Resellers Leaving Money on the Table?

Partnering with an expert technology implementor creates opportunity for lucrative revenue generation

Installing complex technology is fraught with risk. There are so very many things that can go wrong, and often, no one will know it has gone wrong until the end-customer reports problems. At that point, problem solving becomes an unhappy and expensive proposition, possibly derailing valuable relationships. Partnering with a company that is solely focused on expert installation and implementation not only reduces those risks, but allows vendors to tap into an additional revenue stream while creating the sort of “stickiness” with their client that leads to repeat business opportunities.

Unhappy customers are expensive in many ways. The cost of aggravation, bad feelings, and the need to corrects mistakes can all translate into loss of revenue. The expert and correct installation of network infrastructure and other components is crucial to every project’s success, adding tangible value by avoiding costly delays and lost productivity. Clearly, this is a service worth charging for.

Bringing in the right installation partner should elevate the customer relationship, not put a vendor’s relationship with the client at risk. Installation services can be white-labeled, becoming a standard addition of services on offer. By white labeling the installation service under the vendor’s  umbrella, the relationship with the end-user stays intact, and elevates the vendor’s profile from a supplier into an indispensable and trusted source.

Ensuring Partner Success

Faced with a wealth of choices when looking for the right installation provider, how do vendors separate the wheat from the chaff? Understanding the right attributes is crucial when selecting an appropriate partner. There are three critical components when considering companies that might be a good fit.

First, how technically proficient are they? At a minimum, prospective partners should hold current certifications in all networking technologies, as well as high and low voltage power and, if appropriate, clearances to work in secure facilities.

Second, their personnel should be experienced and highly trained. Do they engage in ongoing education as industrial standards evolve to ensure their technicians maintain up-to-date certifications? Companies that have their own dedicated staff deserve higher marks than those that rely on hourly or outsourced workers.

And third, any partner worth working with should have a demonstrable history of completing complex assignments on time and on budget. They should be comfortable working in the background, respecting your relationship with the end-customer.

By elevating technology installation from an afterthought to its deserved position of importance in the building process, vendors can take an advantage of a revenue stream that may have been previously discounted, and enjoy the benefits of successful technology deployments, including greater margins and fostered relationships with happy clients that often lead to additional business down the road.