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ICAS Corp founded Safe 3 as the critical response division to our already existing catalog of security and safety devices. The Safe 3 Body Temperature Scanner and Body Temperature Thermal Camera System provide non-contact temperature measurements based on AI technology. The ICAS Safe 3 Temperature Kiosk and Thermal Body Scanning System provide a proactive first step for your business, school, or any public space against the spread of COVID-19. Both solutions provide non-contact devices that are accurate, fast, and cost-efficient. Safe 3 installs easily and quickly at the entrance of private spaces and public spaces, immediately allowing the devices to be fully operational.

The ICAS BODY TEMPERATURE DETECTION can be installed in New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

" Open Your Business Safely"

" Open Your Business Safely"


The temperature reader will initiate an alarm to indicate users with a reading higher than 100.4° Fahrenheit. The temperature alarm threshold is adjustable. Thermal Scanner reads the temperature in less than 2 seconds from up to 3 feet away and includes 4 different stand options in the box.

  • Access Control: Sync with automatic doors, gates, turnstiles, and more to restrict entry from users who have a fever.
  • Facial Recognition allows the system to only grant access to recognize individuals that are programmed in advance.
  • RFID Reader
  • Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Wall Mount, Tabletop or Freestanding Kiosk


The body temperature detection system non-invasively detects/can scan 16 people every frame (30ms) by utilizing standard optics in conjunction with the second thermal camera.

  • Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer
  • One IP address Two channels
  • Effective Pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity ≤40mK
  • Accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Body temperature measurement up to 45
  • Time ≤30ms
  • 17 color control
  • Blackbody is a standard temperature source used for temperature calibration
"Protect and secure your school, workplace, and organization"

"Protect and secure your school, workplace, and organization"

" Detect body temperature quickly and accurately"

" Detect body temperature quickly and accurately"

Body Temperature Kiosk

Installed at the entrance, temperature scanners detect a fever in any individual entering a populated enclosed area. Different options for the temperature scanner include a mountable camera or a kiosk, each detecting temperature in under 1 second.

  • Temperature measuring range: 30 °C to 45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F)
  • Accuracy: 0.1 ° C, Deviation: ± 0.3 °C, Recognition distance: 0.3 to 1.5 m
  • Voice prompt will be triggered and door status (open/close) can be configured when detecting abnormal temperature
  • Optional Face recognition duration < 0.5 s per face, face recognition accuracy rate ≥99%
  • 24,000 face capacity, 160,000 events capacity

Both devices can be installed at the entrance of any Business, Office, Shopping Mall, Stadium, Cinema, Store, Restaurant, Casino, Supermarket, and Pharmacy, as well as Medical Office.

Protect and secure your school, workplace, and/or organization. The Safe 3 non-contact body temperature scanner will help to ensure employee and customer health, security, and well-being. By reducing the risk to students, staff members, employees, and customer exposure to Covid-19, ICAS is helping America get back to work and back to school. Body temperature scanners are the perfect solution for non-contact temperature screening as The Safe 3 allows organizations the capability to detect body temperature quickly and accurately.


Safe 3 – By ICAS Corp. is not a medical device. It cannot detect COVID-19.

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