Vape Detector – FS300

Precise detection of vape and smoke particles through upgraded intelligent sensors. 

FlySense Vape Detector

8th Generation

Advanced Vaping Detection System

Wider Vape Detection Range

  • Vape detection range and accuracy improved through internal airflow system.

Self Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Automated assessment produces detailed reports of any problems within the device for straightforward problem solving. 

Improved Aggression Detection

  • Enhanced ability and accuracy of detector to capture and intrepert sound levels that may suggest violence.

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FS300 Features

Accelerometer Detects device tampering through measuring vibrations.

Protective Filter Shields against unwanted particles and contaminants while allowing desired elements to pass through. 

LED Indicator Displays operational status through color. 

Proximity Sensor Identifies objects in range to analyze and alert for potential tampering.

Vape Sensor Internal airflow system conducts air circulation for a wider detection range.

Sound Sensor Identifies potential violence or aggression through frequency, and sound patterns and levels.

Cloud-Based Portal

The re-developed portal, EoT Live, enhances the user experience and functionalities that allow for:

  • Multiple access levels 
  • Enhanced reporting features
  • Subscription options
  • Ease of adding devices
  • Ability to add subsites


Frequently Asked Questions containing a comprehensive overview of the vape detector and its specifications.

What are some of the enhanced features of FS300?

FS300 has upgraded to become more tamper-resistant, detect vape in larger ranges, and include a new EoT portal to store device data.

What type of power consumption is required?

4W, Power Input: IEEE 802.3af PoE (Cat5E or Cat6 Cable).

What are the factors that will impact vaping detection?

Bathroom layout, room ventilation, airflow, and location of the device are key factors. Detection is going to be degraded when vaping is done close to open windows or active ventilation such as exhaust fans.