Customer Service is an important value for your business. 

Over the last year or so now, we’ve all been living with the pandemic that is the coronavirus.

It’s affected everybody’s life in some way or another, whether homeschooling kids, being isolated from loved ones, or perhaps even losing your job.

Many industries have been impacted by Covid-19, with extra pressure on companies to work to the highest of standards, with hundreds of clients relying on them to keep their businesses running as smoothly as possible during these unprecedented times.
In these industries, customer service is one of those things that has taken the biggest hit. Business owners are becoming more and more anxious, uneasy, and impatient, looking for quick solutions to the ongoing problems we are currently facing as a nation.

Despite these unprecedented challenges, the ICAS team has not stopped serving its’ clients and will not stop helping you do your job to the best of your ability during these difficult times.
Here are our key services currently available, we can follow up with an opportunity for a free consultation.

The value of customer service. 

Customer service should be the backbone of business; without it, your business could fall apart. We pride ourselves on client relations. ICAS, has been committed to providing excellent customer service to all those in need during this pandemic.

We believe the best way to help our clients is to help them succeed in business. We work with our clients to create a loyal and respectful partnership that will last for years to follow. We couldn’t do what we do without our clients, and they couldn’t run their businesses as efficiently as they do without us. It is a two-way street.

“Supplying powerful it workforce solutions”

Services available

● Structured Cabling
   Providing reliable connectivity
● Digital signage
   Helping to tell your story
● Technology infrastructure
   Improving organization efficiencies
● Video security systems
   Securing business
● Technology relocation
   Helping right size your workspace
● And more!


Our team can provide a quick, efficient cabling solution for your business; whether installing voice, video, or fiber optic cable our certified fitters are here to help you when you need it most.

Digital signage

Digital signage is the use of screens to display signs and notices, think doctor’s waiting rooms, restaurants, and law firms displaying their logo and information, bright and clear for all to see. These signs are fast, efficient and doubling up as a monitor to display other relevant information, e.g., public announcements.

Plan a project with ICAS and find a first-rate customer service experience. Our team of experts is supportive from start to finish. ICAS services are available in the Tri-State Area (NY, CT, NJ), Long Island, and Florida.