Electronic Security System.

PACS, VSS, and IDS systems: what you need to know. 

Electronic security system (ESS) increase the safety and protection of a workplace, residence, or others, such as restricted areas. These systems are essential to prevent theft, provide footage of any incidents, increase security, restrict access to certain areas, and minimize the risk of any criminal activity in the area.

Electronic security systems are made up of physical access control systems (PACS), video surveillance systems (VSS or CCTV), and intrusion detection systems (IDS). Together, these systems work with a shared goal: to increase the security of an organization through a variety of means, including verification and identification zones, video surveillance, and motion sensors.

ESS and the sub-divisions are crucial for various businesses, especially those who manage and protect sensitive information, valuable goods, or perhaps dangerous objects and weapons. So, with this in mind, the remainder of this article will explain more about the three systems that make up ESS: PACS, VSS, and IDS.

Physical access control systems.  

PACS is a combination of technological advancements used to restrict access to certain rooms and entry points. For example, electronic authentication would be required from contractors, visitors, or employees.

The most popular examples of physical access control systems include electric door sensors, card readers, door switches, iris authentication, and other identification confirmation devices. However, PACS also include fiber optic cabling infrastructure and other software and computing hardware.

A great deal of infrastructure is required for all components of ESS to function correctly, thus requiring new cabling and multiple installations from a specialized team.

The new fiber optic sensing system design is set to resolve various problems and technical challenges for the agency and also for various automotive, medical, and beverage industries. Previously, the collection of aerodynamic data was difficult, requiring complex infrastructures such as miles of wires, harnesses, and various bulk sensors which not only added weight to aircraft but also complicated systems further. However, the Armstrong flight research center is now working on and soon utilizing their new FOSS application, which has a much more lightweight design that is sure to change the game regarding data transmission.

FOSS contains high-speed sensing and monitoring technology used to measure aircraft strain, temperature, operational loads, liquid level, and other systems in real-time to further increase data transmission efficiency in space (and soon in other industries, too).

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Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems, commonly referred to as CCTV, are used to monitor premises, mainly the entry and exit points, and to observe for any unusual behavior. These should meet Interagency Security Committee (ISC) standards and provide useful footage of both inside and outside of the premises for maximum security.

These are common in most businesses already. However, more advanced technology is hitting the market, including HD cameras and more advanced cameras and capture devices. Nonetheless, the goal still remains the same: to increase the safety of a business or organization.

Intrusion detection systems

Finally, we have intrusion detection systems. They are deployed in spaces such as doors, windows, roof access points, and other entry points to monitor movement, with an alert also set up. These can also be used to protect and safeguard valuables, whether it is a room, office, or classified area (either from other employees or from all people).

Most IDS alarms can communicate with local authorities (and those leading the organization), further increasing security and providing the necessary response when needed the most.

The bottom line

The team at ICAS Corp. is able to cater to your business in NYC and the Tri-State Area with various electrical security systems, including PACS, CCTV, and IDS systems. Implementing these security systems further increases the safety and security of any commercial space or school, providing peace of mind and necessary reassurance.

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