The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has forced schools to close. However, what help is available for students and parents?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the majority of schools worldwide to close, especially those in the most infected areas such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Spain.

Schools were one of the first Public Sectors to close in many Countries as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This was essential to minimize the spread of the virus, due to it being a high-contact environment.

However, with the majority of schools not looking to return for at least the next few months, the Educational impact on students could be massive.

With that being said, Technology is once again stepping up – here’s how Technology is helping schools during COVID-19. 

Remote learning

Technology is primarily being used in the form of remote learning both for Schools and Universities all over the world.

Some essential classes are still behind held, with these taking place online on platforms such as Zoom.

Zoom is an online meeting platform for students and teachers to connect via a webcam. This allows students to continue essential studies, especially those needing further credit to finish College or High School. 

Online PE Lessons

There’s only so much a parent can teach at home, especially while balancing their full-time jobs – one of the most difficult subjects to continue with is PE.

However, luckily due to technology many PE classes have been hosted online with students able to join in remotely. For example, in the U.K, Joe Wicks, a health and fitness coach hosts “PE with Joe Wicks” every day for students.

This is a great release of stress in these unprecedented times while also ensuring the students get in their daily exercise – heck, you may want to join in yourself!

Free Online Resources

As well as Remote Learning taking place, the development of online resources has been massive.

Online Resources have been developed both from Teachers and other Professionals in their respective fields, ensuring that students don’t miss out on valuable education – especially since we are currently unsure how long this Pandemic will last.

For those in much more rural areas, the use of Radio and Television broadcasting has also been used to ensure students are receiving some form of education each day – even if just for an hour.

Protecting the Education System and ensuring students have access to learning is important all of the time, but especially now during this unprecedented time.

The Bottom Line

The Coronavirus has resulted in many Countries going into lockdown and enforcing social distancing rules.

Inevitably, this has resulted in Schools closing as well as other establishments. However, with education being paramount, especially during these tough times technology has stepped up and supported the educational system massively.

For example, remote learning is taking place all over the globe, access to online resources has been made available to all students, and even PE classes have been hosted online from some famous celebrities.

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