IoT for schools: What you need to know.

What it is and the key role it’s playing within schools today.  

The internet of things, also known as IoT, is playing a large role in the future of how schools operate. For example, more and more schools are transitioning to smart devices to help promote effective learning, whether the use of tablets, computers, or interactive activities with their classmates held over Bluetooth or other connections.

With more schools adopting an IoT approach to learning, this also means much less paper is being used. This is a drastic change, helping protect the environment, while also providing students with even better tools to succeed. Despite this, the IoT not only promotes more effective learning but also plays a large role in security, too. For example, the introduction of gunshot detectors and vape detectors drastically increase school security. In the event of an incident, IoT devices can place a school in lockdown, protecting the children.

IoT and remote learning

Remote learning quickly became the new norm over the past year. In particular, the IoT played a large role in this being possible. For example, students were able to communicate with teachers through platforms such as Zoom. This enabled somewhat regular learning to resume from a home environment. Furthermore, other online resources were made available, making the transition much smoother.

Within the physical school environment, the IoT also plays a huge role in monitoring attendance, new methods of communication, and online platforms for students to prosper with their classmates, and more.


Gunshot detector and further IoT security measures

As previously mentioned, alongside the many benefits the IoT has on remote learning, it also plays a large role in security, especially in America. With more school shootings than ever, it’s important for children to feel safe at school, allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

IoT devices, such as the ICAS gunshot detector, detect gunshots and places educational establishments into lockdown, protecting the children and informing the local authorities of the incident.

This device is crucial, drastically increasing safety and creating a safe space for all children and parents to feel confident.

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Vape solution and detector 

Finally, a relatively new and resourceful device is the ICAS vape detector. The vape detector can be installed in schools in areas where vaping may take place. Mainly, this includes bathrooms and locker rooms.

If the vape detector detects vaping or smoking, it uses the IoT to send a notification to the main hub. From here, teachers or administrators can intervene, preventing the use of vapes and improving the health and well-being of all students.

However, it doesn’t end there. The vape detector also picks up roaring or excessive noises, a useful tool used to help combat bullying. Similarly, an alert is sent to staff who can then intervene, once again, increasing safety.

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