ICAS – Thermal Body Temperature Detection Solutions

ICAS Corp founded Safe 3  as the critical response division to our already existing catalog of security and safety devices. Our Safe 3 temperature scanning devices provide system alerts combined with AI technology to determine accurate and fast temperature information of people entering your building. The Safe 3  Temperature Kiosk and Thermal Body Scanning System provide a proactive first step  for your school  against the spread of Covid-19.

  1. The Safe 3 Temperature Kiosk – Provides a unit that is easily installed as either a single standing unit that can detect an individual’s temperature and/or mask coverage with an alert system (with optional facial recognition)
  2. The Safe 3 Body Thermal Temperature Measurement Solution- allows for simultaneous scanning for up to 16 people at once.

Both solutions provide non-contact devices that are accurate, fast and cost efficient.


The body temperature detection system non-invasively detects/can scan 16 people every frame (30ms) by utilizing standard optics in conjunction with the second thermal camera, the system measures the temperature of the forehead and transforms it into body temperature, thus reporting cases of fever with almost absolute precision.

  • Accurate face tracking present results in real-time
  • Bi-spectrum, dual channel all-weather real-time monitoring
  • Multi-objective fast non-contact temperature measurement
  • Temperature accuracy ≤0.3℃


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