Scanning the Temperature of a Pandemic. 

Some public-facing businesses and institutions are using body temperature kiosks to protect their workers, students, and the general public.
The world has changed drastically in just a few short months. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has left countless businesses, municipalities, and families uncertain and frightened of the pandemic’s path moving forward. The way communities gather, do business, or tend to basic human needs have been dramatically altered, and with no clear end in sight, adjustments in behavior and emerging technology are proving to be crucial in the recovery process.

With the COVID-19 virus often being transmitted quietly through asymptomatic individuals, those who are working or visiting public spaces present an elevated risk to the general public and other essential workers. Many institutions and businesses, including ICAS, are employing the use of cutting-edge thermal scanning technology to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through close monitoring of body temperature

Protecting the Public While Protecting Their Staff

Data has shown us that many individuals carrying the COVID-19 virus are completely unaware they are infected, leading to the potential spread of infection to others. An elevated temperature, which is a main symptom of COVID-19, can help identify possible infection in any individual before entering a building. As companies and facilities begin reopening and phasing the way back into society, they are turning to thermal scanning and body temperature kiosks to preemptively detect individuals who are unknowingly presenting a fever.
The non-invasive and contactless body thermal scanners and body temperature kiosks are able to efficiently detect temperature immediately. The devices can be installed indoors or outdoors and positioned at the entrance of the facility. Once the body is scanned, the screen will alert the individual with a green or red signal, ultimately determining whether or not entry is permitted. Reducing the spread of the virus and protecting essential workers, businesses, visitors, and institutions from infection is crucial in the continued well-being and advancement of our communities.

School Security: How Will Schools Reopen?

Public and private institutions around the United States are deciphering the safest way to administer education in the fall. Guidelines from the CDC require social distancing and wearing face masks, so the implementation of temperature checking in schools can ensure a safer environment for students and faculty. The thermal scanning and body temperature kiosk, along with many other precautions and practices, may aid in the reopening of institutions so children can return to face-to-face classroom time.

The Bottom Line

Body temperature kiosks and thermal scanning are consistently being integrated into public-facing facilities to promote the safety and health of each patron.  To learn more about purchasing and installing a body temperature kiosk for your public space or institution, contact ICAS today.  Our team of experienced cabling and security experts services Tri-State Area (NY, CT, NJ), Long Island, and Florida.  Together, we can slow the spread and ICAS can provide technology to help get back to life as we knew it.