What to do in a school shooting emergency. 

According to CNN, 46 weeks into 2019 there were 45 school shootings, and that’s just in America alone. I don’t know about you but those numbers are scarily high, something I’d want to be best prepared for.

With school shootings, unfortunately, taking place more or less every week, with other shootings in public places not accounted for it certainly doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about what to do in such an emergency.

However, first, let’s discuss what exactly a school shooting is.

What is a school shooting?

It may seem pretty simple, but the following parameters provide a broad definition:

  1. The shooting must involve a minimum of one individual being shot
  2. The shooting must occur on school property
  3. School shootings include accidental discharge of a firearm (unless discharged from a security officer or member of the law enforcement)

Okay, now that we’re all caught up let’s discuss what to do if god forbid you find yourself in a school shooting emergency.

What to do in the event of a school shooting 

1. Know your escape routes & run

Your best chance of survival in a school shooting is to run. Simple. If you’re not in the area then you’re most likely no longer in danger. However, make sure to only take escape routes that avoid the direct sight of the shooter.

We recommend knowing your escape routes in any building you may be in, whether a school, hospital, or shopping mall. Knowing these escape routes allows you to plan ahead while giving you a higher rate of survival.

2. If you can’t run, hide

Sometimes you’re not going to be able to run, the active shooter may be too close or you can’t get out of the area without being seen. If this is the case, First, we recommend turning the lights off in the room you are in, as this will mean the shooter is less likely to enter. Our second recommendation while you are hiding is to barricade the door with anything you find, preferably something heavy such as a bookcase or desk(s).

Ideally, you want to hide until you’re certain the shooter is either taken out or has left the area, but only when you are one hundred percent sure. While hiding, you want to find any potential weapons that you may have to use to fight for your life, think something sharp or heavy-hitting such as an umbrella, ballpoint pen, or even a chair leg.

3. Call the police

When it’s safe to do so, and only when it’s safe should you call the police. Some states allow you to text the police (a great option if you’re unable to make noise), this usually requires you to signup beforehand though so it’s definitely worth a look.

For further information on what to do in the event of a school shooting please click here.

Gunshot detection software

If you’re in charge of school or public place, we suggest checking out AmberBox Gunshot Detector. AmberBox is able to detect precise gunshot noises within 3.6 seconds, sending an alert to security in the area while simultaneously alerting the authorities via our 911 certified telecommunications with build in security. Using this software reduces response times by up to five minutes, housing the potential to save lives.