Security Solutions for Schools and Campuses: what you need to know.

Everything you need to know about the very best security solutions for schools currently available.  

In this day and age, there’s never been such a high demand for school security systems. Now, more than ever, there are increased threats, not only internally (on campus), but external threats too.

Despite this, however, many schools are working with limited funding. Schools are fighting tooth and nail to increase the funding to support new systems and solutions to better monitor and protect their pupils and future leaders of tomorrow.

Some school administrators and those in charge have begun finding new ways to bypass current restrictions, perhaps implementing new training for their staff, or finding new ways to better utilize the current systems they have in place. Regardless, no matter the training provided, the newest solutions are unrivaled, providing ultimate protection and school security solutions to schools and campuses.
With this being said, a combination of effective training and new, up-to-date security solutions is ideal, providing ultimate protection and coverage for pupils.
School security solutions are designed to keep students safe
School administrators need to realize the importance of these new security solutions. These systems are being implemented to protect students, both from external threats such as intruders, and internal threats, such as bullying, smoking and vaping, and now, even the coronavirus.

School security solutions come in many different forms, such as gunshot detection devices, body scanners, temperature checkers, and various other sensors and devices. In a world where there are more and more security concerns daily, it has never been more important to protect our students, providing them with a safe space to learn.
The market offers various school security solutions
The market offers various school security solutions designed for the modern school or campus. These systems include:

● Access control technology (eye scan, fingerprint systems, etc.) – restrict access to certain areas and rooms to increase privacy, and in the event of an emergency, security too.

● Video surveillance systems (CCTV) – internal and external CCTV to provide optimal coverage, reducing incidents, but also providing footage in the event of an incident.

● Vaping detectors Flysense – identify vaping in areas such as toilets, preventing students from the associated danger.

● Gunshot detectors Amberbox – detect gunshot frequency and alerts the local authorities immediately.

● Body temperature scanners – detects whether or not a person is sick; an indicator as to whether they may have Covid-19.

“A comprehensive selection of detection and security tools available for you “

The bottom line:

With the number of increasing threats to schools and campuses, school security solutions are no longer optional, they are mandatory. These are required to provide protection to the students, as well as to reassure the parents, and to provide a safe place for kids to learn and grow as people.

We know it can be difficult obtaining the funding for new systems, especially if working against a committee or already a tight budget or funding. However, upgrading your current security systems will enable you to see an instant risk decrease, reducing the dangers in school (e.g. bullying, vaping), and also protecting students from the worst-case scenarios that we witness being plastered all over the news.

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Schools that want improvement in Safety Technology and Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) can apply for grants available from the Government. This opportunity will help them to achieve their goals for school safety measures.

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