The Value of CCTV Cameras

What are CCTV cameras and how can they help you?

Have you ever been in a situation where trespassing or vandalization occurred to your professional property, but you were not able to provide proof for investigation? Well, whether you have or have not, you may want to learn more about CCTV and its benefits to you and your facility before a preventable incident occurs. 

Buildings need security services/solutions now more than ever. With the rise of unusual activity affecting an abundance of storefronts and offices, we must stay vigilant and prepare in advance. Keep facilities, offices, and schools safe with 24/7 surveillance protection from potential threat.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a video security system that monitors and records activity at all times of day. These systems, which are most commonly in the form of cameras, can be placed indoors and/or outdoors, depending on the needs of your facility. Footage is available to authorized personnel. 

The Benefits of CCTV

CCTV provides an extra layer of protection for your building, especially when employees or patrons are not present. If an incident occurs, whether it is during or after operating hours, the security cameras will pick up the activity and provide proof of the offender and damage. Individuals can then take further measures if necessary.

Ongoing surveillance of premises will also provide peace of mind to business/facility owners, school officials, students, employees, and customers. Passers-by may opt out of performing suspicious actions if they notice a security camera on or inside a building, which in turn provides safety to personnel and bystanders. These cameras can be installed visibly without appearing displeasing. 

CCTVs also provide real-time documentation of abnormal activity, thus making it easier to provide a timestamp of an offense if further action is necessary. CCTV cameras offer a variety of safety features and specs to provide the highest level of protection that you may need.

“With ICAS’ supreme knowledge of security surveillance, you can have peace of mind.”

CCTV Features

Network cameras detect motion to protect businesses, facilities, and institutions. AXIS and Panasonic are two well-known security camera manufacturers. These types of cameras offer exceptionally high image and video quality, which provide clear visuals during any light setting, such as day and night.  

In addition to camera quality, some features of AXIS network cameras are:  

  • Two-way audio to authorized personnel, meaning they can hear the audio from potential incidents where the cameras are placed, thus increasing safety and security if the situation were to escalate to law enforcement, and 
  • Increased electronic security to prevent malware attacks, making it harder for cybercrime to occur. 

Additional features of Panasonic security cameras are: 

  • Smart coding, which helps with object and human recognition, and
  • Seamless detection of movement, making it easier to capture images of fast-moving objects, such as vehicles. 

These cameras can connect to monitors and smartphone devices, so facilities can be monitored, and footage can be recorded at any desired time.  

CCTV Installment

If you are searching for security camera services and structured cabling installation (which is required for network cameras), look no further. ICAS has over 40 years of experience providing security solutions and services in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT), Long Island, and Florida. Our expert technicians are ready to assist you.  

Contact us for a quote or to further discuss CCTV installation services. Let’s help make our communities safer places, starting with CCTV building protection!