Vaping and Youth during the Pandemic.

Everything you need to know about vaping during the pandemic regarding our youth age group, and an effective intervention system.  

Vaping is becoming a bigger problem by the day for schools with more students picking up the bad habit as a result of remote learning. As most schools have not provided in-person learning, worries grow as students may have picked up bad habits, perhaps translating these to the classroom and school environment during the educational hiatus.

According to CNY Central, students are likely to have picked up these habits, such as vaping, due to a lack of supervision, with parents being at work, and teens having access to things their parents are unaware of. With increasing health risks surrounding vaping, and other bad habits picked up during the pandemic, the return to school is not going to be an easy one.

For school staff and principals, the road ahead will no doubt be rocky, containing many bumps along the way. Despite this, there are interventions and things you can do to make the transition a bit easier and safer for all students.

Vaping and Covid-19

A recent study from the University of Stanford found that those who regularly vape are up to seven times more likely to become infected by the deadly virus. This is perhaps due to the damage vaping does to the lungs, compromising the immune system, and having adverse side effects on the user.

While many young people revel in the idea that their age will protect them against the virus, vaping argues differently. So, not only is vaping in itself dangerous but now there is a greater risk due to the increased risk of transmitting the virus and experiencing severe side-effects, too.

Preventing vaping in schools

To combat the rise in vaping, it’s important to have a plan of action. School staff needs to be aware of the situation, monitoring students and ensuring they reinforce healthy habits, as opposed to unhealthy ones, such as vaping. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) launched a campaign to discourage minors from using vaping devices. Facts Over Flavor is the new Arizona youth prevention campaign, which targets 9-13-year-olds. The campaign uses stories to combat mistaken beliefs about tobacco use and electronic vapor products.

This blog post will discuss more on vaping, specifically on our youth during the pandemic, concluding with information on our ICAS vape detector.


Using technology to help battle vaping in schools

One effective solution to preventing vaping is a vaping detection system, is the ICAS vape detector. Unlike other vaping and smoking intervention methods, the vape detector can be placed in remote areas where cameras are not allowed, for example, in locker rooms and bathrooms. When vaping is detected, this sends a real-time alert to staff, enabling them to intervene, prevent the vaping, and confiscate the vaping devices.

Currently, the ICAS vape detector has been installed in hundreds of different schools across the United States, including states such as New York, Florida, California, Texas, West Virginia, and many, many more! Improve the social environment and safety of your school with the vape detector today – it’s all about putting the safety of the students first, and there’s no better way.

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