Vaping Around the World

Vape usage in the United States remains consistent. However, the popularity within the nation is more widespread than we may think.

It is widely known that vaping is a popular activity in the United States, but have you ever thought about the usage of e-cigarettes around the world in other countries? The action is practiced by a range of individuals, ranging from middle school-aged children to adults. It is seen by many schools and facilities across the U.S. that vaping is a continuous issue, and representatives are actively searching for ways to deter their students, employees, and citizens from partaking.

Since we hear news about vaping in America, you may be wondering what the statistics are in other countries, and how they can compare to the U.S.

Vaping Statistics and E-Cigarette Use by Country  


According to the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction, 721,900 people participate in vaping in Italy. That is a small fraction in comparison to just the United States’ youth vaper population. Vaping in Italy is legal, however, there are various restrictions in place in order for it to stay regulated. For example, no one under the age of 18 can purchase any type of electronic tobacco device, and the devices cannot be sold without displaying proper information about the contents.


Similar to Italy, China legalized vaping and e-cigarette use. More commonly outside of mainland China, there are individual restrictions based on the city, including non-smoking and non-vaping areas, and forbid sales. Comparing the amounts of people who vape in China to the U.S., China is at 5.7 million while the United States is at 9.8 million.

South Africa

In South Africa, the regulations of e-cigarettes are based on whether or not they are used for medicinal purposes. If the devices are not advertised as medical products, then they are not regulated.


The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction states that there are approximately 185,600 individuals that vape in Greece. That is around 2% of the number of vapers in the United States. While the U.S. placed age restrictions and requirements to state any package contents and warnings, Greece does not have any specified regulations in place.

Additional Facts

While there are a variety of countries that legalize the use and sale of e-cigarettes, there are many that prohibit other factors involved. India and Mexico are a few places that do not allow their citizens to participate in selling, marketing, or producing e-cigarettes. Many other countries have their own specific rules in place regarding what is and is not allowed when it comes to types and uses of e-cigarettes.

Vape Detectors

Vape detection devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in non-smoking areas in order to combat the youth vaping epidemic. While they are mostly known in the United States, they are growing in popularity around the world. Learn more about deterring vaping in your organization with the ICAS Vape Detection Solution.

The Bottom Line

It is important to recognize that vaping is evident in nearly every country. Although it serves with the intention of diminishing the use of traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, vapes are being used widely for recreational purposes. As more data is collected, it will become easier to see if there are any streamlined regulations and rules throughout surrounding cities, countries, or even continents.