Video is not just something we watch, CCTV is an invaluable tool for many businesses – here’s what you need to know.

CCTV has been around for years, however, the importance of it has never changed. From home security systems protecting your home, loved ones, and valuables, to commercial CCTV protecting your wealth, staff, and business, it’s very rare to find a business without a security system.

So, while it may seem pretty obvious why you would want CCTV setup for your business, let us explain a few extra things you may or may not have thought of.

Why you should install CCTV for your business

First, having a visible CCTV system installed actually reduces the likelihood of breaking and entering. As the burglar knows he or she is being recorded this often deters them from entering your property.

Second, having CCTV installed often reduces your business insurance. This is because not only is theft less likely once you’ve have a system installed, but you are also able to see the footage of all activity on the premise – you will know exactly what is going on, which is a cause for celebration with insurance companies.

Third, CCTV increases safety for your staff. Much like home security and how you want to protect your family, you should also be taking the same approach for your staff. Whether you have employees working late at night and want a little reassurance that everything is being recorded, or you want to dip in and out of the live footage to see what’s going on you can do that too.

Fourth, CCTV for your business allows you to catch criminals red-handed. If they’re “brave” enough to enter your premise and try to rob you then they will be caught on camera and be brought to justice. Satisfying, right?

Fifth and finally, having a CCTV system is overall just re-assuring. It’s nice to know that no matter what happens there will be footage, protecting your stock, your property, yourself, customers, and of course, your staff.

“With ICAS’ supreme knowledge of security surveillance, you can have peace of mind and rest assured that your properties”

Your video security systems CCTV solution

If you own a small business in New York City we may be able to help you. At ICAS, we have over forty years of experience installing video surveillance allowing you to rest assured throughout the whole process.

Our video system security and closed television systems work like a charm, making use of a variety of different cameras, data integration, encryption, and other systems to ensure you have the best security systems available.

The bottom line

Having a reliable CCTV system for any size business is crucial. Without one, you are essentially increasing your risk of being a victim of breaking and entering while putting both your customers and staff at further risk.

Take the leap today and invest in a high-quality, affordable, and most importantly, reliable set of CCTV systems to look after your business, stock, customers, staff, and, of course, your legacy as a business owner.

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