Why Customer Service is An Important Value for Your Business

Business values are the concepts that turn a simple organization into a successful and flourishing enterprise. 

Do you ever wonder about the impact that your business has on consumers and clients? Do they leave you a sparkling review, provide referrals, or happen to notice the internal values of your company? Typical business values that each organization should adhere to include honesty, respect, leadership, and passion, and to ICAS, the most important business value is customer service.

Important Aspects of Customer Service

ICAS thrives off innovation, integrity, mutual trust, and of course, obtaining superior customer service skills. This type of act consists of supporting clients not only during the service but prior to and following its completion. In order to achieve mastery of these skills, one must first put time and effort into creating a persona for customers to feel comfortable and connected with. This impression of confidence in the business, along with the diligent work that is performed, will create a valuable reputation for the company. The goal of customer service is to build and maintain strong client and/or customer relationships.

In addition to facilitating relationships, exceptional customer service from a business helps clients to grow and achieve their own personal and professional goals. Here at ICAS, we are always available to help and provide support to our clients. Our company motto of “You’re In Good Company” means exactly what it says. The strong and consistent efforts of our team of experts ensure our clients always feel they are in good company. Through our many different departments, ranging from project management to sales, our clients are assured that they will never feel left in the dark.

“Single drop or complete infrastructure”

ICAS Testimonials

In October 2015, ICAS’ innovative network cabling project completed at Stony Brook University was highlighted in a Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine article, written by Betsy Conroy of Siemon. The university was in search of an organization that performed a specific type of cabling installation, named TERA Category 7A system. ICAS was chosen to install the school’s cabling needs and was referred to as “a highly reputable leader in the design, engineering, and implementation of infrastructure technology” by Conroy (Conroy, 2015).

Customer service plays a role in everything we do for a client, specifically on an installation like this. We know that clients count on our service to achieve their goals, we cherish that and never take it for granted.

Where Superior Customer Service Can Take You

Customers and clients would much rather do business with an organization that:
1. Treats them as assets
2. Strives to create a seamless experience
These are important aspects that can take a business from overlooked to well-known.

Look at the businesses that are a society staple today. What makes consumers keep going back for more? The idea that the company focuses on consumer needs and provides a pleasant environment stimulates the desire to become loyal. Once consumer confidence in the business is strong, company reputability, as well as the customer base, will expand.

The Bottom Line

Customer service is among one of the most important business values for an organization or company. Exceptional skills will put a business at an advantage as consumers and clients will feel inclined to remain loyal and refer to others. Many customers do not want to interact with difficult institutions, so focusing on establishing an enjoyable atmosphere for the customer is key.

Plan a project with ICAS and find a first-rate customer service experience. Our team of experts is supportive from start to finish. ICAS services are available in the Tri-State Area (NY, CT, NJ), Long Island, and Florida.