Body Temperature Scanners: The World’s New Norm? 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused officials to respond to safety protocols by suggesting individual temperature checks before entering facilities.

As we know, an elevated temperature is a sign of possible infection, especially during these times of COVID-19. While states continue implementing various phase changes, individuals may enter society without presenting obvious signs of infection, such as a fever. Body temperature kiosks and thermal scanners are here to ensure the safety and protection of public businesses, institutions, facilities, and citizens.

Technology is Always Advancing

New technology, designed in response to pandemic uneasiness, will monitor the temperature of anyone entering an enclosed public space. Temperature scanning technology is commonly seen in forehead thermometers, thermal imaging cameras, tablets, and kiosks. Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in spaces with a high influx of visitors, and we soon may see them in numerous facilities we enter.

Body temperature scanning kiosks allow the community to feel more secure in their decisions to go back to work, attend a doctor’s appointment, or shop. The devices are contactless, single or multi-user, positioned at facility entrances, quick, and easy to use.

Contactless services have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. Because of social distancing guidelines, people do not desire to be in the close presence of others. Forehead scanning thermometers require other individuals to operate them, but users of the kiosks simply position their forehead in front of the screen by themselves while their temperature reading is provided to them in a matter of seconds.

“Protect and secure your school, workplace, and/or organization”

Why Should These Devices Be Purchased?

You may be thinking, “why should I buy this instead of the forehead thermometer?” After all, forehead thermometers are cheaper and smaller. However, the answer is that these types of thermometers can take an elongated amount of time to scan and read from a close distance while requiring an employee of the facility to handle them. This results in the inability to socially distance 6 feet apart.

Body temperature scanners come in a variety of forms and can be installed on kiosks, walls, turnstiles, and more. The automatic appliance can read a single person, and even scan up to about 20 people at once. It can also be purchased with or without face recognition, depending on your own facility’s needs. Human temperatures are scanned quickly and efficiently while alerting officials of any abnormalities.

Important Places of Installation

With the fall season coming quicker than expected, schools are formulating reopening plans for the academic year. CDC guidelines will need to be followed, such as wearing protective face coverings, social distancing, and potentially administering half-capacity classrooms, but monitoring symptoms will be essential in ensuring each student and staff member is in a safe and secure environment.

Although schools are one of society’s major concerns at the moment, other public spaces and facilities would benefit from installing the devices at their doors. School buses, public transportation, offices, small businesses, and shopping malls all have an inflow of different visitors multiple times a day. Installing body temperature scanners, on top of encouraging face coverings, can be one more step in encouraging individuals to bring normalcy back into their lives while ensuring no one with a main symptom is present.

The Bottom Line

Body temperature scanners may in fact be the new norm. Advancements in technology are shifting towards promoting health and safety in public spaces for citizens to feel at ease when going out. Designs of these devices also include friendly shaped cameras, such as a panda, for young children in schools to feel more comfortable. 

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