Choosing the best digital signage solution

Over the last few years, digital signage and professional displays have grown in popularity.

What exactly is digital signage and why is it important? Digital signage uses LCD, LEDs, and various projection technology to display digital items, including restaurant menus, advertisements, notices, video, weather data, and more.

In the current day and age, digital wall signs are all around us. Chances are, if you walk to your local shop, especially if you live in a city, you will see multiple examples, professional displays. It’s designed to draw our attention, purposively placed and crafted for a follow-up, whether that’s purchasing a meal, getting your teeth whitened, or catching your train on time thanks to the crafty and timely displays.

This article will discuss how to find the best digital signage solution for you, beginning with a quick overview analysis regarding your intended use.

What is your intended digital signage use?

To determine the best digital signage solution for you and your business, you should first analyze your intended use. For example, if you need digital signage for a conference room, you may be in the market for a video wall monitor, displaying 4k ultra HD content.

However, if you’re looking for multiple interactive displays around the office, perhaps showcasing your website, the weather, news, or other vital information, then you may require smaller digital screens.

“Designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts”

Video wall monitors

At ICAS, one of our main digital signage products is our video wall monitors, containing 4k UHD quality, uniform color calibration technology, high brightness of up to 700 cd/m2, and up to 70” size per screen.

To create an entire wall monitor, multiple screens can be placed together and later aligned to create a seamless display creating a video picture with cinema-like screen quality. This is ideal for control rooms, conference and event rooms, or perhaps the HUB of your business operations.

Moreover, all video wall and individual screens can be strategically placed at numerous angles, whether that’s wall-mounted (portrait), face-up, wall-mounted (landscape), or at a tilted angle – we’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for outdoor digital or video wall signs, these screens are likely not the best idea, especially if these will be left in the rain. If this is the case, you may wish to consider other professional display options.

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